The Right Shoe Changes Everything

The Michelin Man says that the right tire changes everything. I think the same principle applies to running and exercise in general. Your shoes are like the tires of a car. They’re what hit the ground. They need to be in good condition and built to do a good job. Bad shoes can lead to injuries, or at least up your chance of getting injuries. That’s why I want a little information from all you runners/exercisers out there.

What brands make good running/exercise shoes?

What do you think of the running shoes with toes?

What shoes do you use and why?

What defines a good running/exercising shoe to you?


Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂


I’d say a little bit about my day too, but not much happened. My family had Aztec Salad for dinner, which was super yummy. That’s about as exciting as my day got. And later my brother got mad at me because I said he should go to yoga in the afternoon tomorrow instead of the morning because my parents have a lot going on in the morning. That’s not exciting, but the most intense conversation I had all day. I got up, went to summer school, came home, did some jewelry making, wrote a bit, exercised (day 2 of week 1 in my 10k trainer app, same workout as yesterday), and that’s about all I really did. How was your Friday? What are you going to do this weekend?


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