Am I too sensitive, or just plain stubborn?

So tonight my family was going out to Red Lobster for dinner. my family likes to eat early, like 5, when we go out to restaurants because to my dad, it’s so important that we beat the crowd. Normally they’ll eat about 5:30-6 when we are at home, and I like to eat at 6:30 or later, but I’ve been trying to compromise by eating at about 6 lately to eat with them. But now it’s 4:42 and we are on the way to the restaurant. It’s not far, but man it’s early and I’m totally not hungry, or happy. It’s way too early. I asked my dad if we could leave at five, and this is the reply I got, in a pretty mean tone of voice.

“No. You just are thinking about your self and trying to get us to change our plans for your selfish purpose.”

I was not expecting to hear that, I thought we would work out a compromise and leave at like 4:50 or something. But now I’m really upset and the negative thoughts are really getting to me.

“you’re a selfish b****”
“shut up and just go along with what other people want, who cares about what you want?”
“you shouldn’t even go with”
“just drown it out by eating a lot of food at the restaurant”

I know those are a bit harsh, and not healthy, but I can’t help wonder if I’m overreacting to this and am too sensitive. But really, I just feel selfish and stubborn. Thanks for listening, just posting about it helped me realize the absurdity of those thoughts and helped me to feel better. Have a good evening!



  1. Courtney

    Oh my, I just discovered your blog and I can already TOTALLY relate to it just from this post 🙂 I always get down on myself when people say negative things to me, too. It helps me to remember that people usually lash out at me when they are frustrated/impatient with THEMSELVES, not with me. Stay strong, and you’re not selfish at all 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, it means a lot to me. I guess when stuff like this happens I really do need to realize that the lashing out may not be because of what I said, but how the person is feeling. Thank you for helping me to see that.

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