July 26, 2012, A Fairly Decent Day

Hiya everyone! I’m proud to say that today is the first day all week that I have not over eaten! While I’m not proud that this is the first time all week and it’s already Thursday, I’m proud that I had the strength to follow my meal plan and didn’t give into my ED thoughts and urges. They were there, trust me, there were plenty of times I wanted to down a quart of Oberwise ice cream or much on a couple doughnuts from the school cafeteria, but I made it through following my meal plan! It was really hard to get out of that negative rut, but I’m so thankful to my higher power that I had the strength to. I hope and pray that tomorrow holds the same for me, that I have the strength to follow my meal plan, not overeat, and reach out for help if I need it. That last part has been the hardest for me.


In other news, I went to the dentist today, and I escaped cavity free. There was something on a molar that they thought might be a cavity, but it turned out to be okay! Yay for not having to pay large bills for getting a cavity filled! I love going to the dentist, my teeth always feel so clean and smooth after. Plus they have mango flavored toothpaste.

How was your day? Have there been any challenges for you to face?

Do you like going to the dentist?



  1. yay! That is a feat and I know how had it is to overcome. Don’t look at what you didn’t do before but what you did now and that is act against ed.

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