Michigan 2012 Vacation Update

Hi everyone, I have a good half hour while my dad is on his conference call to give an update on how the vacation to Michigan is going. So far, it’s been good and bad. It was a long drive up to Traverse City (6 hours) but I got to do drive for an hour and a half on the expressway, I even went 80mph at one point! It’s been fun to spend time with my family, and the water park at Great Wolf Lodge was lots of fun. My brothers and I went down the the biggest slide together and we went really fast. It was a lot of fun for them, and I was glad I could make them smile. Also, running against the flow of the lazy river is a great workout for your thighs!
Right now we are staying at a best western in Mackinaw City and will be going to Mackinac Island in a bit. The hotel is okay. It has a fitness center that gets the job done, which I guess is all I really need. The food isn’t that healthy, but nothing on this vacation has been, which brings me to the one thing I really need to get off my chest.
I broke my Plan of Abstinence 😦 I’m kind of upset with myself, and my mom, because she just let me. I know i need to be a big girl and do this myself, but we just had a family therapy session where we talked about hosuckle is like a drug to me and I need help to stay away from sweets. We went to Moomers Ice cream on Sunday and she just let me get a huge Ice cream sandwich, and believe me, I ate the whole thing, and I got fudge at the hotel bakery later with my brother who didn’t have Ice cream. Then, yesterday, I had a piece of coconut cream pie at lunch and some more fudge after dinner. I’ve also just been going over my meal plan A LOT at every meal. I know I’ve gained 5 lbs so far this vacation due to a scale in the workout room. I don’t know why I’ve been eating so much and can’t seem to stay away from sweets. What feelings or thoughts am I trying to stuff? I’ve been trying to think about it, but the only feelings that come up are anger that I’m eating so much and depression that I’ve been eating so much. It’s not a good cycle. Plus, my cold got worse because of all the sugar. At least excess weight gained can always be lost.

So that’s an update on my vacation. Either late tomorrow night or early Thursday morning I’ll post pictures of Mackinac Island and how the rest of the vacation went.

How has your week been so far?
What is your favorite place to vacation to or most wanted place to vacation to?



  1. Oh girl, you are allowed to treat yourself! IT is part of vacation and personally I have to include dessert because if I don’t, i feel deprived. You can have what you want, that is all what recovery is about. Don’t beat yourself up!

  2. Linda

    I wish, I wish, I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You are on vacation, so enjoy everything, including what you eat. When you get home, you can get back to work again.
    Hope you can visit the store where I work sometime, we have so many sugar free, and more natural desserts, to help those cravings.
    Have fun, Jacki, and say hi to your family for me,
    Love Aunt Linda

  3. Girl you are totally allowed icecream once and a while…everyone needs some sweet stuff in your life 🙂 dont be so hard on yourself dear. by the way, I nominated you for a blog award! go to my post to check it out 🙂 jmacabee.wordpress.com

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s just hard when I’m trying to stay off sugar, but everyone else is eating it. I guess once and a while is okay though. Thank you for the nomination too 😀

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