7/30-8/05/12, A Week to be Grateful For

Even though there are bad things that happen in life, there is always something good to follow along. Even though the past couple weeks I have not been abstinent from my overeating behaviors, gained 8 lbs, felt my shin splints coming back, and I’ve been a wreck of emotions over not being in orchestra anymore, I feel that it’s really important to acknowledge the good that has happened this past week.


The Good: I was nominated for a blog award!

The Liebster blog award I was nominated for was the first blog award I’ve ever received. I was very excited, happy, grateful, and shocked all at the same time. It really made my day.

The Good: I got a free copy of Voices of Recovery the book!

I had been wanting this book for such a long time! We read the daily excerpt from it during each weekly OA meeting, and I just love it more and more each time I read it. When I got to the meeting on Saturday, one of the ladies handed it to me, as a gift! I’m very grateful for such a wonderful gift and will utilize this as a tool for my recovery from my ED.

The Good: I’ve been abstinent for the past 2 days!

I haven’t engaged in any eating disorder behavior, over eating, under eating, over exercising, etc. for the past two days. I’m very proud of myself and very grateful to my higher power. I was having a tough time tonight with cravings to over eat, so I called my sponsor, and she helped me through it. This is definitely a step in the right direction. I just hope and pray that the streak continues… well forever!

The Good: I’ve made many new internet friends!

I’ve met lots of new people this past week via blogs, and I’m very happy with all the new internet friendships/acquaintances I’ve made. It makes me happy to have a growing support/friend network and to know I’m not alone in my struggles. I’m grateful for all the friends/acquaintances I’ve made because of blogging.


That’s all I can remember, but I’m sure there’s more to be thankful for. Thank you all for reading!

What are you thankful for right now?



  1. Wooooo look at you! Looking at that positive, i love reading this. You are doing amazing and keep at it. Small goals are what keep you going. So proud of you!

  2. Aw this is such a great post! I’m glad you’re looking at the good in your week. πŸ™‚ Positive thinking is the best kind!!

  3. So much positivity going on here Jacqueline, nice work lady!

  4. What a great attitude of gratitude!! I am blessed to have made your online acquaintance, Jacqueline. Thank you for your honesty, openness, and enduring willingness!

    “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 (NIV)

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