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Engraved Jewelry Pendants

Hi everyone! I haven’t done a jewelry post in quite some time, so I figured I’d so you all what I’ve been doing recently. I’ve got an engraving pen at Michaels recently, and I’ve been using it to engrave initials and even a picture onto little copper circle pendants that I’ve cut out to be …

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Lots of frustration

Hiya everyone! Hope you all are having a good weekend. Mine has been good, for the most part. I spent some quality family time today during which my brothers managed to thoroughly embarrass me and my parents. But the emotion I’m feeling isn’t embarrassment, it’s frustration. I’m frustrated over quite a few things. This post …

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Shin Splints and Rings

Hiya everyone! I was all excited to start out blogging with a post on running today, but I’ve given myself shin splints by starting out doing too much running too fast. I’m very new to running (I used to be an avid spinner, but then my family started doing 5ks in our neighborhood, and I …

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