Disclaimers and Expectations

opinions: All opinions on this blog are my own, unless it is a guest post. I will never accept money or bribes to say good or bad things about a product. However, I may occasionally share my opinion on certain products. They will be my opinions. I will also respect your opinions and not force my opinions on you. I will merely post them.

feedback: I love feedback! However, please be kind with your feedback as I will always be kind with my feedback.

no bashing: no bashing other blogs, types of eating, types of exercise, or anything that could upset someone. this being said… I may break this rule because I’m not aware that what I’m doing is considered bashing. There’s a fine line between complaining/ranting and bashing. Please tell me if you consider a post or comment offensive/bashing. Thanks!

I’m no professional: I’m not a professional dietitian or exercise coach. I should not tell you what to eat or how to exercise. Likewise, you should not tell me what to eat or how to exercise. I do not believe in a specific plan of eating or exercise that will work for everyone. I do what I’ve found works best for me when it comes to eating and exercise. Please respect that for me, and I’ll respect that for you. Thank you.


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